What’s Great about Long Island Real Estate

Choosing real estate in Long Island is one of the best investments one can have in America. It exemplifies the best of what the country has to offer. It is indeed the epitome of an American dream that has been fulfilled. Up close, properties in Long Island are inhabited by affluent people that have money to spare and only want the best places in terms of residence or holiday respites for relaxation and fun away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visitors and residents in this place are able to immensely enjoy its natural wonders such as the beach as well as the array of shopping areas, art galleries, museums and other establishments. It is a great place to start a family in and equally great for retirement.

Real estate in Long Island usually has a waterfront or lake edge. People are drawn to its refreshing and clean air and the relaxing lifestyle as compared to other places in America. When it comes to buying property, having this tranquil atmosphere is as much a selling point as the lushness of the property itself. The calm and security one gets in this kind of environment are definitely priceless.

real estateThere are people who opt to buy a property and retire in Long Island. Having worked their whole life and amassed considerable savings, the first place that comes to mind when it comes to investment is real estate in Long Island. Thus, one can see so many senior citizens in this place mostly in groups enjoying life away with their friends through the string of activities that are made available for them. In fact, there are many activities that elderly folks can attend like dance classes and handicraft lessons. They can also enjoy games of bingo and cards. Acquiring real estate in Long Island is also a good decision for people who are fond of food and want a place to enjoy being a foodie without having too much guilt. There’s great seafood, pizza, and other cuisines that are available be it in fine dining places or at cafes, diners, and delis.

People can enjoy the best beaches in America in this place, but acquiring real estate in Long Island enables one to enjoy the beaches as much as possible and all year long. The beaches here are not just about the crystal blue waters and sandy shoreline but also about the sunsets and sunrises. The beaches of Long Island also make sporting activities possible and always available. For those not so fond of water sports, they can always enjoy long walks or fun runs by the shore. Long Island is also a great place for people-watching because every now and then, one gets to check out famous, beautiful, and powerful people just lounging around. In more ways than one, this makes real estate prices in this place truly worth it.

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Portable Storage Containers: Your Ally In Renovating

Portable storage containers provide the convenience of collecting away important things such as furniture, books, documents, office materials or business items for a duration that may go from some days to weeks in rental.

Movable ContainersAlmost all sectors in society can benefit from portable storage containers as people keep accumulating stuff while busy with consequential matters. Prior to this innovation, families tend to stock up piles of furniture, clothing, trinkets, books, appliances from one room to another. Over time, it may seem that the house the family once stepped in as roomy, spacious and promising never happened since every room presently is seemed to be occupied with random material no member of the family can even figure out how and why such material is there.

The once “Zen”, spacious and organized house the family once walked into is now so unruly that family members seem to misplace or lose almost anything due to clutter. Yes, the so-called “Spring Cleaning” may work one way or another but the house in a few weeks or months time after has a magical way of turning back into its previous disorder.

Different Benefit In Renting Our Portable Storage Containers Are Gives As Follows:

A seasonal garage sale can reduce the old stuff that has no use in the home anymore and may do well as another’s purchase but for some reasons, families tend to hold back to some if not many of the clutter due to sentimental reasons or because there might be a use for such in the near future and would be a rewardingly economical reason. These dilemmas can be resolved with a durable storage container.

Our portable storage containers provide temporary ease during house renovations. Families who have had the resolve to organize their clutter through creating more space with a room or house renovation may find comfort in placing their fixtures temporarily in our portable containers that are sturdily designed to withstand wind and extreme weather conditions so as to protect the contents inside.

Movable ContainerWith the right amount of space, these containers measure to around one hundred sixty square feet in total with a width that can be five foot wide, a height that is seven feet tall and depth of eight feet on the average.

Another benefit in renting our containers is the mere mobility the service offers. In moving houses, the simple act of carrying boxes to and fro can be such a hassle and may warrant some accidents. The concept of these boxes for your convenience is that you need not climb or walk upwards using an inclined plane just to stack your boxes.

The container itself is laid down on the concrete as you literally walk in than exerting unnecessary effort. Specialized forklifts or machinery from the truck make this possible by lifting the container up from its back and carefully lay this on the ground near the house but not obstructing any public walkways or right of ways. All the family needs to do is call the moving service to avail of these containers, place all boxed up materials and is conveniently driven to the new place in no time.

In some districts or cities, the utilization of these containers is stretched beyond the recommended time of use by any entity. This is why the local government in the affected states or cities has tightened some measures regarding duration and use. Long-term usage of portable storage containers leads to complaints of blighting by some. These wide storage boxes may seem to be unsightly and odd in a residential place per se.

Metal ContainersLocal government has city or district ordinances on efficient and proper use of these compartments. Some moving companies are aware of the restrictions and regulations per district or city, but it is still best to check with the authorities before renting the portable containers so as to set parameters and effectively use your time for renovation or storage.

As one of the most effective storage solutions provider, we can offer numerous storage choices like long-term, off-site, on-site, temporary storage and more. Each choice is suitable for your needs and specifications. Families will definitely benefit from the assistance that we offer, especially when it comes to moving or renovating their home and would not need to bear, succumb or accept to live with the enormous clutter, disarray or a once spacious and organized home.

With this innovation, each room will serve its purpose as it should and the family car need not be parked in the driveway anymore. Spring cleaning, garage sales and quick fix renovations come in handy as you rent our portable storage containers.

Author Bio:
Portable storage containers are designed specifically to achieve space optimization and give you maximum storage space. Moveablecontainer.com provide the different storage containers for business purpose.

Basic Circuit Designing Guide For Your PCB Assembly Adventure

First things first – before starting your printed circuit board or PCB assembly adventure with us, you must first set the specific goal that you want to accomplish. Like all goals in our life, we must know what is the whole point or purpose of the project that we want to undertake. Don’t worry with parts, relevant supplies and production. We can assist you with that, but you need to know your reason first and set your goals.

Armed with the reason in your mind and heart, you can then visualize the design that you want to do. The technical aspects of your design may be complicated or simple, but we can definitely help you with in the PCB assembly process. Consider the final product you want to make and the aspects and unique characteristics of that creation that you want it to have.

Printed circuit boards

With those considerations in mind, you can now start doing the legwork. Start drafting your design. Start listing all the basic details and specifications of your intended output and design. This is a great starting point, then start listing all the special configurations and the materials or supplies that you need in order to make it a reality. You can either do this on a computer or in a notebook. This process will transform your project from an idea inside your head to an idea on the screen or paper that you can actually modify, plan, and think about.

The actual work starts when you create, analyze and optimize your design in computer-aided drafting or CAD. It is vital to put labels in the numerous components that are incorporated in your own design. This is to make your work more efficient and your design decisions less cluttered in nature.

To help you with the labeling of the components of the design for efficient assembly, here is a little review.

The following letters are the default designators for the usual passive components.

Pcb fabricationResistor is represented by R. Capacitor is signified by C. Inductor is indicated by I. Diode is represented by D. Letters M and Q are used to signify transistors (MOSFETs are M while BJTs are Q). M can also mean motors for designs that involve motors. Transformer is referred by T or XFMR.

Switch can be represented by S or SW. Crystal oscillators are signified by XTAL. Subcircuits are represented by X. Here is the other parts: U or IC stands for integrated circuits, TP represents test point, JP stands for jumpers, J or P are for jacks or plugs, F is for fuse, FD represents fiducial, BT or BAT for battery conductor or battery, X are for other parts not mentioned. Take note that in PCB design and assembly, consistency in the letters that you use and logical positioning of the relevant labels are the keys to attaining a clutter-free design.

Now that you are familiar with the labels, you can start drawing your design. It is very important to start with components with a specific physical. Examples of these are sensors or connectors that should not be blocked. After them, you can place your ICs. It is good to start with the bigger ICs then the smaller ones. Work smart and keep your ICs oriented in one direction. After ICs, place the supporting devices on the board, such as capacitors, diodes, resistors, among others. Remember that it is important to make sure that you leave adequate space for the markings and annotations on the board.

PCBWith that process finished in your PCB assembly adventure, you can proceed to making the connections. There are two ways to do this. For designs with high frequency signals, start by routing them first. If your design does not have high frequency signals, start by routing your power traces.

After this process, we can help you with a quick turn prototypes for testing and verification of your designs. After this, your project can be fulfilled through our high-quality PCB fabrication and production that will meet your specifications with on-time delivery at an unbelievably low price. After your hard work in PCB designing, fulfillment of your PCB assembly goals should be entrusted with the most experienced PCB supplier like us. You may check quote order, status, and other relevant information at our official website – pcbnet.com.

At here www.pcbnet.com, we produce the finest quality printed circuit boards product. PCB assembly is globally demanded especially by modern device companies, various machines and services.

Convenience Comes Easy With Badge lanyards

Badges are important to every person. They reflect what you have achieved so far in your life and help you build up your self-esteem. Through badges, your ranks are recognized by the people that you will encounter in a certain establishment or even when outside the company that you work for.

Badge LanyardsBadge lanyards refer to the cord that carry your badges without the need for you to remind yourself every now and then on where you have placed them since lanyards can be worn around the neck, making your badges a hassle free gate passes for recognitions.

Our badge lanyards are created to provide people the protection of their badges from losses while at the same time allowing them to experience convenience that we are sure they really need.

Our badge lanyards are available in different styles and colors. To achieve the complete convenience that you want, you must know how to choose the one that will best suit your taste and personality.

The following are tips to guide you on your buying decisions:

1. Choose the best style that will reflect your personality when you wear them! – Our badge lanyards come in various posh appearances so that we can match your different tastes. We have the:

Polyester Lanyards – This style gives the balance of quality and the price paid.

Tubular Lanyards – Our economical kind that gives one the look of a formal and a professional person.

Woven Lanyards – Allows you to weave a chosen text into the fabric of which our lanyard is made.

Nylon Lanyards – Our premium quality of lanyard.

Dye Sub Lanyards – If you want your prints to have a clear message that will not fade, peel or crack, then this style is best suited for you.

Cord Lanyards – If you want simplicity but still achieve the comfort that you need, this is the style made just for you.

2. Take advantage of the different color options available – Colors, just like styles allow you to express the inner person in you, so our best advice for you is to follow your heart in choosing the perfect color for the lanyard.

3. Opt for custom lanyards for better choices – we know that people have different standards. From being a finicky to a simple one, custom lanyards will definitely not fail you. Plus our custom lanyards come in various offers like the free color matching and design as well as no charges for custom logos or text.

4. Online orders are best convenience providers – in the world of technologies, a hassle free shopping is preferred by most people. So our lanyards can be ordered online and we can confirm your orders via email.

5. Clients voices are heard – Choose a brand that cares for you and not just for their products. For us, feedbacks, questions and suggestions are important to improve our services more. We love listening to you and hearing your comments because we know that through this we can provide more convenience to every buyer to reach out when you express how you feel about our products and also, it allows you to gain more trust because you know you can voice out your concerns.

6. Choose the most affordable and practical offer – when choosing the lanyard for your badge, don’t just consider the elegance of its appearance, you must be practical too in terms of its price, consider the width and other features when you compute its cost. Make sure to choose the one that gives quality in terms of the materials made and the convenience that it offers but with a low or affordable price, something that is practical enough to buy. The great tip here is to purchase in bulks to obtain cheaper rates.

Badges have always been a part of person who is an achiever, so make sure to give your badges the best quality of lanyards that will hold, protect and showcase them.

Lanyards can craft a design that’s perfect for your company, group or institution. For more details about lanyards click here wholesalelanyards.com.

What Makes a Keynote Speaker Great?

There is an abundance of people who can serve as the keynote speaker for your event. A keynote speaker sets the tone for the event you are organizing, be it a technical meeting, a convention, or a seminar. The success of your event greatly depends on the organization of your event, the expectation of your audience, and the availability of the speaker you wish to hire. In its essence, the speaker is the one who makes the audience look at something from a new perspective.

Keynote SpeakerThere are some speakers who are capable of doing this by drawing from their own experiences, such as by relating what they have gone through in a particular point in their lives to the topic they are talking about, or by looking at the topic from a different point of view. To call a speech successful, the audience should be left inspired and invigorated to make the best out of what they have learned in the event that you have organized.

A great keynote speaker is someone who is comfortable with himself. This sense of being comfortable comes from having one’s feet firmly planted on the ground, as well as in having the required credibility. A great keynote speaker speaks to an audience as if the speaker is talking to a close member of the family, or to a good friend. Professional speakers understand the terror that comes with speaking in front of a large crowd on top of a stage, and diffusing that by establishing a sense of being connected to the audience, such as by mixing humour into the speech.

Although great speakers should also be comfortable with being the centre of attention in an event, the best speakers interact with the audience and listen to what they have to say, regardless if it is during a question and answer session, or when they are talking to people in the audience after the seminar.

On the other hand, there are some things that you should not expect from your keynote speaker. One of this is the power to miraculously solve the things that have gone wrong in an organization that is full of problems, since disappointment is expected in this case. However, the best speeches can serve as strong motivators and deliverers of new inspiration and ideas. In addition, keynote speeches do not offer specific plans or strategies. Rather, they focus on the general instead on the specific.

SpeakerWhen you are choosing your speaker, or a host for your event, it is best if you would also hire a planner that can do it for you. You, the planner, and the speaker should talk about what the speech will discuss and what message will be shared to the audience. A good speaker would be able to easily identify what questions should be asked in order to determine if he or she is best for the topic to be discussed, as well as quickly plan out how to get the audience to be fully engaged.

If you wish to hire a celebrity or anyone high profile to speak at your event, you will need to be flexible regarding the date as well as the venue of your event. Keynote speeches are usually delivered during an event launch, but today, with just the right planning and information campaign, a speech can become successful regardless of whenever you decide to schedule it.

Hiring a speaker is worth the money, especially if the speaker manages to inspire the audience and make an emotional attachment to them. The only thing that you should keep in mind is to look for the best and the one that will suit your needs.

Although great speakers should also be comfortable with being the centre of attention in an event. On the other hand, there are some things that you should not expect from your keynote speaker. To know about that things must visit motivational-speaker-success.com.

Custom Challenge Coins as Gift Items

Special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays should be enjoyed but most of the times we end up being stressed and exhausted. The very thing that should make you happy on that day is the very reason why you are upset and frustrated. You normally get upset in these occasions because of the gifts that you have to buy for our family and loved ones.

We have seen so many people try to beat the holiday rush to buy Christmas gifts. Every year we see the same scene of people rushing to the nearest malls and boutiques to pick a gift that would probably just be like everybody else’s gift. Our team have come up with customized tokens as special gift items for everyone. We have a website www.challengecoins4less.com,where people can visit and check the available tokens we have.

Custom Challenge CoinsCustom challenge coins are perfect alternatives to common gift items. Instead of reaching for a mug or a scarf that would probably be left unused, choose something more personalized. When it comes to gift giving, you have to give thought on the items that you will be choosing. You give gifts to people you value and you want to show how much you appreciate them. Therefore, just wrapping anything you can get a hold of is not acceptable.

When you buy gifts, you have to pick something that your loved ones can use. It hurts your feelings when you see your gift just being kept in one corner and never really serves its purpose. It is not that the receiver are just simply ungrateful of what you have given, it is just that they cannot figure out what to do with what you have given them.

In some instances, your gifts are recycled which means that they are wrapped again and are given to someone else by the person you gave it to. It is a harsh reality but they do happen. However, it is still much better than seeing your gift end up in a trash bin.

Gifts are tokens of appreciation or a way of sharing your blessings with others. It feels great when you see the faces of your loved ones light up when they open your gifts.

Therefore, when shopping for gifts you must choose things that will be valuable to the recipient. Now, this is where the stress comes from. You are so eager to please every receiver of your gifts that you get anxious just by the thought of it.

Despite the fact that we must really pay attention to what you give to your family and friends, it should not be that stressful. You just have to find ways on how you can make simple things extraordinary. Custom challenge coins are some of the things that you can give to your loved ones.

Your family or friends will be glad to receive something personalized. You can choose a design that will fit the personality of the receiver or something that will remind them of you. You can also add their name on it to make it more special or add a quote that will serve as an inspiration to them.

The best part about buying custom challenge coins is that they are not hard to find. You can find them from the comfort of your home or behind your office desk. All you have to do is look for a challenge coin supplier and ask for a price quote. You can come up with your own design or ask a graphic artist to help you create your custom coins.

We provide an option on our website that allows shoppers to choose from our available designs. We also have an option for shoppers to customize the coins by giving us their own design. You can also include the packaging of the tokens as part of your order.

Custom challenge coins make excellent gifts for all occasions. They are attractive, can be personalized and very affordable. You do not have to spend a lot of effort to get them for your loved ones; you just have to be creative.

An Introduction to Golf Equipment

When people hear the term “golf equipment,” most of them think about golf balls or golf clubs. People can be forgiven for thinking that the phrase only encompasses the balls or the clubs used in golf.

In reality, playing golf means looking at several other pieces of equipment that can help improve a man’s game. The equipment people use to play golf isn’t just limited to the club and balls. Other things such as rangefinders, wind gauges, ball markers, golf bags, golf clubs, and golf balls are just some of the things that make up a golfer’s arsenal.

All of these things might seem unnecessary to some people. Nothing more than just a waste of money. However, taken together as a whole, these pieces of golf equipment are bought by golfers because they take their game seriously, and anyone else who wants to do the same would do well to sit down and learn why some of them are important.

The golf clubs

golfWhen someone hears the word golfer, most people think about a person carrying a metal club that he uses to whack the ball with. In essence, the golf club is the tool a person uses in order to hit the ball and make it fly, jump, or roll, a certain distance.

Any golfer, at least those worth their salt, will always take several clubs on the course. Golfers may carry any number of clubs they wish to, as it does not go beyond fourteen, which is the limit prescribed by the rules.

There are many different kinds of golf clubs out there. However, the three main categories are referred to a putters, irons, and woods. Woods are what golfers use when they need to cover long shots, usually when they are at the tee or fairway. Irons are what golfers use when they find themselves in need of precision shots when they’re in the rough or even the fairway.

Hybrids are those that combine the characteristics of irons and woods.

Understanding golf balls

Another important piece of golf equipment is the golf ball. Back in the old days, people used to play golf with all sorts of different balls. Most of them were made out of leather and were stuffed with a wide assortment of different materials. These things gave them different properties that would affect their flight and trajectory.

Nowadays, most golf balls are made from different materials – often a combination of rubber and plastic. Reading up on the different kinds of balls will help someone understand what makes each of them different. A lot of material science goes into the design and construction of these balls.

However, those who plan on taking the game casually or just for the sake of trying it are better off buying the basic balls or the cheapest ones that they can find.

What are tees?

Tees are either made of wood or plastic. Golfers push them into the ground and place their golf balls on top of them to rest before making their shot. Positioning the ball this way makes it easier to hit.

Basically, a tee is a small spike made from either plastic or wood that has a flat surface on the top where a golfer can place the ball.

They come in varying lengths and are often chosen based on the golfer’s preference.

Different kinds of golf bags

Golfers are often seen with a golf bag. These bags are made from nylon, canvas, or leather. There are also different types of bags such as carry, cart, staff, and travel bags. Golfers take great care on the kind of bag that they purchase knowing that they are used for holding some of the most important pieces of golf equipment in their arsenal.

Rubber Bracelets: A Throwback

Back in the 70’s, rock and punk band performers had worn rubber “0-rings”. Interestingly, in the late 70’s and early 80’s, they were worn by famous singers such as Madonna and Cindy Lauer as “anti-jewellery sentiment” fashion, as rubber symbolized a lack of value or spectacle in contrast with the precious stones, silver, and gold.

Rubber bracelets were also known in the past as “jelly bracelets”, “sex bracelets”, “ballers”, and “wristbands”. These names evolved according to specific time frames and reflected the culture of that time.

Rubber Bracelets

In the 1980’s, the plain blackfashion bracelets evolved as Jelly Bracelets, bearing an increased sense of fashion because of their different opaque or translucent colours. As the celebrities at that time popularized this fashion statement, these became readily available for the masses, primarily for the sake of fandom.

Later on in the 1990’s, Jelly Bracelets evolved into Sex Bracelets. They were called Sex Bracelets as the people started putting sexual connotations to the certain colours; each colour then corresponded to the kind of act the person wearing the bracelet wanted to engage into. As a result, wearing them became restricted in schools, and parents had prohibited their children from buying these colorful rubber bracelets.

As you may notice, there’s a transition of their meaning, from a mere rock and punkgroup expression to a sense of subversive fashion, and then to a form of illicit communication; a medium of non-letter codes. The more popular they got, the more people wanted to wear them.

Those who couldn’t afford jelly bracelets had used strands from old tires or by combining prophylactics. Others made their way in with the trend by collecting the thick rubber bands that were used to tie together vegetables in the markets. But not everyone wore them to communicate sexual codes. Some have managed to retain their original individual or group fashion sense.

Later on, Nike started to make rubber braceletsas NBA Players Baller ID. That’s why they became known as “ballers”, and “wristbands” because Nike had been using the same raw materials for making sports wristwatches.

In 2004, Lance Armstrong together with Nike, had started creating the Live Strong yellow bracelets, in order to support cancer patients in their battle against the disease. These were originally sold at $1 per piece, and because of that, they were able to help many cancer patients.

Now, these braceletsare everywhere. And not just that! Now you can make your own designs, choose from a bigger range of colours or mix of colours, and put in them names, catch phrases, logos, and the different good causes your group is advocating.

Some are giving them away as tokens, some are selling them as souvenirs, and some give them to specific people for whom they want to communicate their love and care in a different way. That’s why there are expressions embedded such as “I love you”, “Thank you!” and “I’m sorry.”

Going back further, this trend of wearing rubber braceletscould be traced from ancient tradition of tattooing. In ancient culture, tattoos on the person’s forehead, forearm, and hands mean different things. They indicate the person’s social and political status in society, their skills and also, the crimes committed. The ranks of political status, the variety of skill, and the level of offense in a crime committed were based on the number of tattoo layers on the person’s body, amongest both men and women.

Another fascinating trend that came with the popularization of the kind of bracelets was the culture of wearing the “WWJD bracelets” (composed of the same raw material) among Christians. “WWJD” meant “What Would Jesus Do?” This intended to remind the Christianto think “What would Jesus do if He were in my shoes?”

This is parallel with the ancient beliefs that a particular tattoo around the wrist and fingers could drive away illnesses. Very religious and mystical connotations. This kind of lifestyles reflected humanity’s inevitable inclination to venture into the supernatural with the purpose of gaining personal peace and moral integrity. Most importantly, this reflects the pursuit of controlling one’s will and to gain a sense of power over evil.

Another parallelism that could be derived from ancient culture and the now is the use of tattoos to identify yourself as part of a tribe or community in a society. Isn’t this true also for the rubber bracelets? People buy and customize them in bulks to express their support for a cause, or to identify themselves as part of a religion (remember the fish sign for Christians?), a club, a campaign, etc.

Many buy to this way of expression because it is a lot cheaper than statement shirts, tarpaulin, sun visors, and the like. It is also more visible and fashionable compared to personalized key chains and pens. Therefore, these bracelets are economic, convenient, not aesthetically obsolete, and despite being lightweight, they carry a lot of weight in popular culture history.

GW1516 – How the “Spinach” went Bad

In 1992, GlaxoSmithKline along with Ligand Pharmaceuticals conducted a research for the treatment of Hyperlipidemia, which is a type of dyslipidemia – a condition where the lipid levels in the blood are abnormal. In the case of Hyperlipidemia, there is an abnormally increasing level of lipids, lipoproteins, or both. This led to the development of a substance that they called GW1516.

GW1516In the year 2000, phase I trials were conducted for the substance. In this phase, the product were tested on a group of human subjects. They, of course, were healthy. There were about twenty to a hundred people in the group. The phase aimed to find out at what dose, or range of doses, would the substance be safe to intake. This was done by giving a group of subjects a starting dosage and they remained be under observation until a number of half-lives (which is the time it takes for the substance to be half as pharmacologically active as compared to its initial state) have passed. The starting dosage will be based on the results of the previous phase, or phases that involved animal subjects. They took note of the amount of dosage that is harmful to the animals and set the starting dosage, for the human subjects, at an amount that is lower than the noted dosage. When no harmful effect was observed they gave a larger dosage to another batch of subjects. Since the same results were seen on the second group of subjects, a third batch was given an even larger amount of dosage. They wanted to reach a point where the dosage is observed to cause unwanted effects on the subjects and thus is no longer safe.

They moved on to phase II in 2002, which involved testing the substance on a larger number of human subjects, ranging from a hundred to three hundred subjects. The phase aimed to determine whether or not the substance will provide a therapuetic effect to the subjects and if it does, how much effect does it give. Toxic effects were also monitored. This phase is sometimes expressed as phase I/II. This is because the researchers carried out the same steps they did in phase I, but on a larger number of subjects, simultaneously.

A year after phase I began, the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences (or PNAS) published an issue about the discovery of GW1516. Then in 2003, by the results and developments made by GSK from phase I, Ligand Pharmaceuticals earned a one million dollar payment.

The third phase is supposed to determine whether the developed drug will perform its designed function on actual patients. However, phase III never materialized. In 2007, GSK stopped further developments on the substance GW1516. The reasons for abandoning the research on the drug were not disclosed.

In the same year that GSK abandoned their research, Cell, a scientific journal that published research papers, released studies by Ronald M. Evans (a biologist from Salk Institute for Biological Studies) that include the substance developed by GSK. Evans aimed to make drugs that would improve human endurance. Three years earlier Evans developed genetically engineered mice that , a nuclear hormone receptor, in their muscle cells. These[Symbol]produced PPAR mice were observed to have better physical endurance and improved even more after being given a dose of GW1516 that is greater than the dosage used by GSK. Doing the same experiment on lab rats showed improvements in metabolism and in the production of HDL or high-density lipoprotein, also known as good cholesterol that helps in preventing clogging of arteries. Fatty acids are also broken down quickly and easily. However, it was also discovered that the drug caused abnormal growths on the mucus membranes.

The World Anti-Doping Agency warned athletes of the dangers of this drug. GW1516 became one of the prohibited performance enhancing drug and was recently confirmed to have cancerous effects on numerous organs of the body.